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Unleashing the power of assurance. The New America is a “renewed” America. A vision that has always already existed within the hearts of those who were born here, died here, and others who have chosen to seek our liberty and freedom from distant lands. This new vision is drawing nearer and stronger in the hearts that long to be a part of the truth, and the spiritual light that burns bright for freedom, and for the sanctity of the Liberty Bell that still rings loud and strong across this great nation.

This revived America will not emerge without struggle but on the shoulders of knowledge, virtue, honor, and conviction. It will be uplifted by hearts that long to serve the helpless, the downtrodden, and the needy.

This regenerated Republic will give way to all that belong to those who seek the right to live freely, belonging to the earth, as the earth belongs to us. This bounty will belong to all those who choose to seek and share it, living with tolerance that excludes no one, in a land in which all that are hungry will be fed.

Tolerance, love, and compassion will be the new mortar to strengthen our weakened foundation without gaining an unfair advantage over the less fortunate. The America of generosity and forbearance, of tolerance for diversity, and of welcoming to all whose need brought them to her shores, is disappearing into the shadows of a new version that is self-protective instead of generous, self-seeking instead of embracing the world, and aggressively in pursuit of its own ends, instead of patient and committed to searching for a way to find greater cooperation between nations. This America has lost touch with its essential heart and soul.  

This new standard will be held high, excluding no one, and shall embrace all as one people.

Let us begin this very day to be the spark that ignites America’s new spirit. We must never allow freedom’s day of grace to pass us by, for Americans must always attend to freedom’s cry… 

Blessings my dear friends,


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  • Naomi
    Posted July 2, 2023

    I agree that we should be tolerant of the needs of others. We all need to respect our flag and our country and return to the principles of our founders. A belief in God or a higher power is essential for guidance. May the blessing of freedom and bounty be shared and respected by all.

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