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Light The Spirit For Its Children 

At the present moment, amid the division and conflict as a result of dependence on others in high places, Spark America USA has come into the light because of the need felt by every American to find clarity along a path through the darkness of this time. To discover a way to imagine a world at peace at a time when lasting peace doesn’t seem at all possible. We are America, still growing as a child grows, as a newly planted tree grows out of what has always been, into what still can be — the light form out of which we will form our reunited destiny. 

The relationship between a peaceful world and a spiritual one is an essential part of life, but how to bring this into reality is the question that must be answered by all Americans, while for many there does not appear to be an answer to this question swirling around the minds of the many.

This platform attempts to offer simple solutions to complex questions while at the same time embracing America’s “grassroots” and looking with positivity into the future. The future of our children, and our children’s children, rests entirely on our shoulders and the transfer of our most sacred values and beliefs unto them. We have always been a nation committed to our spiritual foundation while relying on purpose, peace, and freedom for all as our guide. By following the path laid out before us now, one that is laden with potholes of untruths and misinformation, we cannot proceed toward a visceral awareness of our spiritual light that has always been our source of truth. 

Manipulation through the misinformation that lies within a suspect America today, is something that few seem to understand in its vast complexity because many are unaware of this immense mental and emotional full-scale lethargy. Too many are willing to proceed with a “business as usual” attitude that is being used by forces that seek to undermine our spiritual truths that throughout our history have always been our guardians and shepherds set out before us. 

May all of our children here now, and yet to come, know through us, that despite whatever difficulties or hurdles they may have to overcome, it is God’s promise to America and her children of spiritual light, that darkness will not prevail. That the roots of peace, justice, and freedom set forth by our forebears, will in time, take full hold within the precious and fertile soil of our nation to create an even stronger foundation for a renewed society and a new and stronger moral ethic.  

It is here, that everyone has the opportunity to submit their positive stories, testimonials, and any other complimentary commentary to share with other like-minded Americans.

Blessings be this time of awakening to all from the light of spiritual hope and truth,


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  • Naomi
    Posted August 27, 2023

    I do sincerely believe that the lack of spiritual guidance is contributing to the division among the people of this country. Our great country was founded on Christian principles of our forefathers. Not to say that they were without fault, but were only human and acted with the knowledge they had at that time. We should look on the past as a learning opportunity to make a better future. Our future lies in our hands. It’s our obligation to pass on the importance of patriotism and belief in God to raise America up to where she belongs. We can accomplish this by perseverance and passing on the necessity of unity and spiritual connection.

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