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Light the world with kindness – Understanding, accepting, and connecting to the Autism spectrum.

Spectrum – A condition that is not limited to a specific set of values, but one that can vary without steps across a vast continuum. Put another way, it’s something that keeps growing, and changing over time, while slowly breathing in new life.

If you’ve ever encountered a person on the spectrum, you’ve met autism head-on. Autistic people are wonderfully unique, bright, and benevolent, but while the challenges they face with their families, schools, and the public are diverse, they deserve our utmost recognition and respect. Issues that are of particular relevance from the first day of diagnosis are only the beginning of a world full of unexpected challenges at a time when their parents’ lives and daily routines are sometimes explosively uprooted.

The world can be a scary place for everyone, but more so for those with autism and other developmental disorders. Just knowing that they are recognized, loved, and accepted, will encourage them to lead fuller and more meaningful lives as an integral part of society. It’s time to celebrate, hearten, accept, and understand those who we assume to be “different” from us.

Showing kindness and genuine concern will, over time, correct any illusions, assumptions, and conclusions we’ve made about these extraordinary human conditions. Let’s face it, we’re equals, we’re just different, and we need one another. No one, despite any physical or emotional differences, should ever be excluded from living a meaningful life. Spending time with someone with sensory pervasive development will allow us a rare look inside the autistic mind and an entry into an entirely unknown but extraordinary world. By listening to their voices, we can only begin to understand the complex echoes of altruism while permitting us to stretch our own vision of what it means to be human.

It will astound you, ground you, and they will feel much less alone.

“Welcome to a new and unlatched world of self-sacrifice, jubilation, and unfathomable connection.”

“Help unlock autism, it is certain to unlock you”

By clicking on (submit story) on the menu bar, will have an opportunity to send in your thoughts, stories, and comments, while perhaps in some small way, feeling a deeper connection with others who share the world with those living their daily lives on the autism spectrum.

Please try to limit your response to under 500 words.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences with others who are gaining a strong understanding, acceptance, and curiosity about the absorbing world of autism and the people within it.

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