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Defining Moments

To me, a good writer is someone who can get a point across with as few words as possible. Yet, to engage the reader to “feel” their message, be moved by it, hold onto it, and take the necessary action to see that they don’t lose it. 

Allow me to give you an example of what I mean.  I began to realize I had a knack for writing when I submitted my first   “Letters To The Editor” to the Syracuse Post Standard around 15 years ago. I wanted to make people realize that there are times in our lives when we become “moved” by a song, an event, or just when we look back at the loss of a loved one, and then we just let that moment go. We need to embrace those moments, hang onto them, and never let go. 

To make my point I penned it this way;

Picture yourself at a World Series game at Yankee Stadium. A voice over the loudspeaker directs your attention to home plate. It is there that a young girl and her mother, dressed in modest attire, are standing within a few feet of where some of the greatest players ever to don a Yankees uniform stood to “wallop” the winning home run to win the World Series. 

You are asked to close your eyes while she belts out “God Bless America”. Your heart soars to the depths of love and patriotism as she finally brings the song to a powerful close. 

 When you open your eyes hold onto that impactful emotion and build on it. That feeling of extreme pride doesn’t last long but if you keep it inside of you, it can change your life and those around you forever.

Please take the time to watch a college valedictorian put it his way: (Link)

We never have to lose those precious moments of renewed change. It just takes practice. 

Blessings dear friends,


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  • Naomi
    Posted July 9, 2023

    Very well said! We certainly do need to hold onto the precious and sacred moments of life lived. We also need to reinstate the inclusion of God in patriotism and every day living. When and why and how did this country lose sight of in God We Trust? It’s the very foundation of all things good. It’s our obligation to pass on these values to the generation that will follow us. God bless us and God bless America!

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