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When giving becomes a wise investment choice.

Have you ever asked yourself if you had more time, what you might do with it? I believe that time and our children sit at the top of the list as two of the most valuable resources on earth. Together, they are our most beneficial non-renewable resource and we need to give them the rooted attention and respect they deserve. 

Our time, energy and our determination innately give us the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome most of life’s difficulties using what we have, rather than what we wish we had. Another way to put it is when you are resourceful, you know how to turn an old shoe into a new pair of boots. It’s about finding opportunity in a situation where there doesn’t seem to be any. You can find ways to make more money, but you can’t use that money to make more of these essential resources. 

Water, air, and soil are three natural components that we cannot live without as well.

The world’s most extracted resources are: 

Water. Although mostly free, it is the most valuable natural resource and commodity in the world


Fossil Fuels.

Palm oil.



But still, our most valuable assets are truth, conviction, and the belief we have in “ourselves”. 

Yes, money is an important asset as well, but homes and retirement accounts aside, the most valuable asset we own is the person staring back at us in the mirror every morning. Chances are, the most prized currency you own is the investment in yourself!

So, take all the time you need to invest in your children’s future and your life’s purpose which is to unselfishly give of yourself. Work smarter, not harder. It’s often not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that causes you to fail.

Because it’s easier to dress the part and walk the walk when strutting around and giving back the limitless opportunities that God and country have given to you. 

Ain’t that the truth…

Blessings my dear friends,


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  • Naomi
    Posted June 25, 2023

    Yes, it is the truth. If we worry about inner beauty as much as we do about outward beauty, we would be much better off! I have been bringing things to a local consignment shop that donates all the leftover stock. It is given to those who cannot afford to buy anything they might need. There’s always a way to recycle and help save our earth.

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