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The change we need
lies within ourselves.

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Despite America’s flawed but buoyant past, those of us who remain its “lifeblood”, face an uncertain yet hopeful future overflowing with peace, love, and unanimity. Please join our mission to restore America to an even greater gold standard that will establish a stedfast and mighty course for our children to be witnesses of world equality. One that will be cataloged in a united daily journal filled with stories of unquestionable determination, goodwill, and spiritual connection.

Let us clear every shred of doubt that America has grown weaker. With the will of its people, it shall remain the greatest nation on earth. Through this purposeful vision and connection, we can again be a beacon of peace, hope, and justice for the world to see.

This website is dedicated to all the people of this great nation who long to celebrate and preserve all that’s deemed good and righteous. To those who reach out to teach our children, our most valuable resource, to become part of the sanctioned liberties that were pledged to us by those who fought and died for our freedom – we salute you. Your dedication to that end shall always remain our greatest hope for America’s future.

Common wisdom suggests that as a society we should safeguard the things deemed to be of the most value. Embracing our history doesn’t start a conversation. It undoubtedly brings one to a close. We must now stand hand in hand and step by step, to move forward teaching our children, and our children’s children, to face the future with undeniable strength, hope, and patriotism. Let them proclaim from deep within their hearts, that America, despite her uncertain future, is indeed worth saving.

It's time for us to unite together,
to teach ourselves and our children
what it really means to be American.

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The awakening of America's Spirit
is an important step in the re-building
of her foundation, which has become
weakened by policies and practices,
which depart from her true spirit.

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The vision of the future that many carry for America today is not one of hope, but one of sorrow and despair, this being because the ideals upon which a proud nation once stood are being undermined by practices that depart from the high ideals of a functioning Democracy. Nevertheless, the hope for America lies in these ideals— in the cling to those virtues which were deeply embedded in her founding which still shine with their own light as a beacon to other peoples and other nations.

In contrast to this picture lies the awakening of America’s consciousness of moral uprightness— that which would be a source of peace, national integrity, and wellbeing as it is so often claimed. SPARK AMERICA USA is a rallying cry for many to participate in a vast and unprecedented effort to lift the people of this great nation to a new height of awareness and spiritual truth. This awakening of America’s consciousness is an important step in the rebuilding of the moral center of her foundation which has become weakened by policies and practices which depart from her true spirit. 

This stronger America will rise on the shoulders of honor and be uplifted by a heart that longs to serve the helpless, the downtrodden, and the needy. It will not rise on the shoulders of the mighty, but on the shoulders of the kind and generous—on the strength of those who are fearless in their desire to love. 

At Spark America, we believe that now, more than ever, is the time for Americans to come together and inspire one another. Through sharing stories of patriotism, humanism, and connection, we can build a brighter future for ourselves, our communities, and our country. was created to spread the message of positivity and patriotism, to show ourselves and our children exactly what it means to be an American. Through stories, articles and features – we’re here to share that message.

To Join together with original ideas, impactful initiatives, and shifting social norms to generate a grassroots impetus that brings all generations in alignment with one common cause;

To Encourage our dreamers, storytellers, and change-makers to focus on projects that use the power of the many;

To Draw upon our experience and grit to engage in initiatives that rekindle the heart, soul, and hope of the American people.

To create a community where Americans can come together, celebrate shared values, and inspire one another. We aim to amplify the stories of everyday Americans, encourage positive dialogue, and promote a brighter future for our country.

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On June 20, 1961, while Standing at a podium outside of our nation’s Capitol, then President John F Kennedy, delivered his Inauguration address (View Video) to a nation at one of the most tumultuous and divisive decades in world history. The era was marked by the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War and antiwar protests, countercultural movements, political assassinations, and the emerging “generation gap.”
His message on that day was perhaps more relevant today than it was in the turbulent 60s. Out of that speech rang the words that will live on forever in the hearts of all Americans, now to be placed into the hearts of its children; Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. The time is here to ask ourselves the same question. What will be your answer? 


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This website is dedicated to all the people of this great nation who long to celebrate, preserve, and continue on with all that’s deemed good and righteous. To teach our children, our most valuable resource, to become part of the sanctioned liberties that were pledged to us by those who fought and died for our freedom. Their dedication to that end shall always remain our only hope for America’s future. – 2024 – All rights reserved.
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