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A path to the spiritual vibration of love, connection, and community. has come into being because of the need felt by people everywhere in our great nation to prepare a path of love, hope, connection, and fellowship for you to follow through the darkness of this time, and a way for you to imagine a world at peace at a time when peace doesn’t seem possible.

Your relationship within a peaceful America should come to be known as a Spiritual Vibration of Love. A love that is not only essential but how to bring this into reality is the question you must seek to answer. For many, there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to turn things around anytime soon. To sustain your future and the future of your country can only be accomplished with the endowed strength, knowledge, and sustainability given to you by God. This monumental effort now rests entirely on your shoulders.

In an attempt to offer such an answer for you, we all need to embrace the past and the future of our country. A nation that now belongs to you, your children, and your children’s children. One that must be dedicated to her spiritual foundation of a purpose of peace and freedom for all, but not in the absence of a path without abandonment, and through your efforts, a deepened awareness of the spiritual light of truth, hope, and equality shall prevail.

Today, there seems to be a spell of hopelessness and discontent that has been cast beyond the boundaries of reason to mislead and manipulate you through mass misinformation and distorted rhetoric. This trickery is specifically intended to deny everyone of understanding its compromised complexity, one that is taking place on both mental and emotional levels. It is precisely this lethargy, this vast willingness to proceed with ‘business as usual’, that is currently being used to undermine the spiritual foundation of America.

To all children of the earth who have yet to become children of the light, it is time to awaken from a luminous cloud of drowsiness to the reality of this large-scale drama that is taking place. Despite whatever difficulties may appear, whatever hurdles may have to be overcome, it has always been God’s promise to America and its children, that darkness shall never prevail. That the roots of peace, freedom, and equality, shall, through your efforts, bring with it a full-scale perpetual triumph. It shall then take hold within the precious resources of our homeland to create a renewed foundation for a new society and a restored moral ethic that will help to sustain you and your efforts.

Blessings to all of you who read this at this time of awakening, and blessed are those who are willing to step up with you to help you light the way for what was prophesied long ago upon the earth by the Divine Creator of all things.

Let the Great Renewal begin with you.

Drake Gaetano

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  • Naomi
    Posted September 24, 2023

    We should all be a part of the awakening. America needs the inclusion of God and His blessings upon us. In the Bible, the beatitudes in part, say “ blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. “ Our children and grandchildren need to learn from us the importance of loyalty to our faith our country and ourselves! We cannot be shy about speaking our beliefs, expressing our love of God and country and passing on the torch of an everlasting flame of spiritual significance to light the world. If each of us thinks our one voice doesn’t matter , that’s defeat ! If all of our “one voices” joined together, it would be a deafening sound that no one could ignore.

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