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Snapping pictures of the new American connection

Deep within our history, there were many instances when national pride became activated while in the presence of a multitude of noble causes that needed to be met. They were the times when we exhibited deep compassion that fostered love, connection, and a strong sense of community while giving hope to those who required healing. 

However, there were also times when the American people didn’t come together in unity, and as a result, separation, and division prevailed which caused many to become fearful and disenchanted — not only with our country but with the concept of America itself. We have lost our true identity and we need to get it back right now. There is no longer time to waste. America is seen as weak, undivided, and vulnerable. That’s the America that many people in the world see today, not the America of love, strength, dignity, and compassion.

The time has come to spark a chord of unity within all Americans and begin to teach our children that the future of America now rests upon the shoulders of those who choose to stress the potential value and goodness of human beings.

Most importantly to emphasize common needs, and seek solely “rational” ways of solving the problems of their “brothers and sisters”. We must begin right at this moment to create unselfish humanistic snapshots that will unlock their true and full potential to create world peace once and for all.  

It’s also true that many people within this population, too often have little to say about how their feelings should be represented. At the present time, policies made in high places have a huge effect on us “common folk”. and as a result, there is little input from the American public. Instead, these policies are shaped by a small collection of powerful individuals who are forcing their feelings and vision of what our great nation should become. 

The return of strength, community, and connection, “by the people”, now relies upon the re-establishment of our once-sacred policies, voice, and practices supported by the ideals held within the hearts of our founding fathers. This runaway power of denial being asserted upon us now is a direct result of our willingness to ignore what is happening as our basic fundamentals of democracy are being stripped away. All of this is happening in the middle of the night in silence when its people lie unsuspecting.  

This nation, the recipient of so many blessings, must rise from its bed of unconsciousness and open its eyes to prevent further deterioration of the power we have within each and every one of us — the power to connect as a community of united citizens. And only then can we reignite the truth that lies at the foundation of American patriotism and the center of the hearts of its people. We must move quickly toward rebuilding a lasting foundation of patriotism and a unified heart of a nation in crisis.

“A good snapshot of what life should be stops a moment of possibilities from slipping away”.

Let’s not give up on ourselves, our children, our nation, and our future. But most of all let us never give up on God and his love for us. Wouldn’t that be a shame if we did?

Blessings my dear friends,

– Drake

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  • Naomi
    Posted July 24, 2023

    May we strive to teach our youth about “one nation,under God” with the values that our generation grew up with. We need to return to the values that we were taught and pass them on.

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