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Coming together 

Now, at this moment in time, we the people of this great nation, must rise to our ordained destiny. One in God’s embrace, and one with each other. To this end, we will find the willingness within ourselves to sanctify our lives through an end to division and disagreement. Together, we can end this separation and indifference to the needs of the many — once and for all.

Let us know beyond a doubt, that we have come together at this time for a sacred and holy purpose, and that purpose defines our deepest goals within the collective whole of which each one of us is a part. 

We must no longer consider our lives “separated” from the whole but rather live for the inner prosperity of everyone, and upon this renewed source of abundance, we will live within the framework of a renewed spiritual ordinance. We shall proclaim America the “land of its people”. 

May the blessings of this restored sacred life come to the full consciousness and clarity of all of America’s people, and may they, and our children’s children, dwell in healing and spiritual transformation forever. 

It’s just the right thing to do.

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  • George W.
    Posted June 5, 2023

    The separation and inequality in the country today is quite baffling to me. We should look at ourselves as humans.. embracing all and uniting together. That’s what was fought for and what it means to be an American, to me.

    Beautifully said. Many blessings, to all.

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