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It’s time for change. Let’s foster that change.

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The Generation Connection

By maintaining a positive outlook through the use of videos and other media sources, together we can troubleshoot the problems posed by what’s been referred to as The Generation Gap. By using these valuable resources taken in a positive way, we can create a near-perfect, harmonious blend of passion, courage, and understanding of our differences. Together, we can close that gap by gently consolidating the deep concern of the young for a diverse community along with their highly collaborative social values with the experience and wisdom of older people. 

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Final Speech

April 3/19/68; On this day Martin Luther King Jr delivered a very powerful thought provoking I Am A Man speech sharing his wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, and support for an ongoing struggle. Reflecting on a stormy night in Memphis, King considers a panoramic view of the past. Even though it seems like he can almost tell his death is looming, he banishes all fear and submits to fate handed down by God. He would be assassinated the very next day. 

The Pledge Of Allegiance

From The Red Skelton Hour January 14, 1969

Spark America USA

This website is dedicated to all the people of this great nation who long to celebrate, preserve, and continue on with all that’s deemed good and righteous. To teach our children, our most valuable resource, to become part of the sanctioned liberties that were pledged to us by those who fought and died for our freedom. Their dedication to that end shall always remain our only hope for America’s future. – 2024 – All rights reserved.
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